AmeriCorps, Reporting from the Taconic Region

Members of the Taconic Trail Crew

Volunteers and AmeriCorps members on the trail

Greetings from the Taconic Volunteer Trail Crew! I am very excited to be writing the first blog entry for our crew!  This is the first year that we have been given the privilege to work on the trails in the Taconic region, which includes the Hudson Highlands and other areas east of the Hudson River in several different State Parks.

Our initial project is a trail re-route of epic proportions. We are working on an Appalachian Trail access route (the Canopus Trail) in Fahnestock Park directly off of Lake Canopus. It’s a very unique undertaking in an interesting area. The rocky terrain had led to the need for some construction improvisation and has left room for artistic freedom in the final design.

IMG_3990Under the supervision of our Trail Crew Leaders including Myself, Kevin Stamey, Jordan Foxler and Raina Stoutenburg and all of the amazing volunteers who have joined us, we have blazed through more than 400 feet of trail in under a month with another 800 or so feet to go! This initial work includes a stream crossing on stepping stones, a crib wall to hold up our first of about 4 stone stair-sets, a 200 foot road made of crushed rock, we have deemed “ The Roman Road”, and a walkway cut into a sheer cliff face we have deemed “Dead Man’s Curve.”

More updates will be underway as we keep working! To be a part of this exciting crew, please visit our page and contact us! Do you ever wish you were there for the construction of the Pyramids at Giza or the Parthenon?  Well now you have the chance to be a Titan of the Taconic!

-Zachary Parkin, Trail Crew Leader for Taconic Region AmeriCorps of the Trail Conference


For more information about the Taconic Trail Crew, please visit their page:

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One Response to AmeriCorps, Reporting from the Taconic Region

  1. Lucy Waletzky says:

    When we visited your work site earlier this week it made me very happy to see the excellent,difficult work you are doing.So many AT travelers as well as Fahnstock hikers will benefit from the safe trail you are constructing as well as enjoy Canopus Lake and the new showers to which the trail connects them
    Enjoyed your blog very much
    Lucy Waletzky,Chair Taconic Regional Park Commission

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