Another week, more trail completed at Canopus Lake project

by Jordan Foxler, AmeriCorps member of the Taconics Crew

Summer is in full swing, but that hasn’t deterred volunteers from joining us on weekends, helping to build a sustainable trail from the beach at Canopus Lake to the Appalachian Trail in Fahnestock State Park.

Taconic Crew members and Breakneck stewards

Taconic crew members (red shirts) say hi to trail stewards at Breakneck Ridge.

We began last week by joining some of the trail stewards who work weekends at Breakneck Ridge, advising hikers and helping to recruit new trail volunteers, especially for our Taconics Crew.

Duncan was one of our new volunteers, and he joined us for a day last week. I asked him, what were some things he had learned?

Trail volunteer at workDuncan: “I was pleasantly surprised at the size of rocks that get moved into place. They look as if they are unmovable, but as you guys like to say, ‘challenge accepted’, and in no time at all it has been set.

“Another interesting thing I learned is the amount of crush that you guys had to set. (Crush is rock that has been smashed into place by using a double jackhammer that is used to line the trail before it gets covered by mineral soil.)”

As we approach the final section of trail before it connects to the Appalachian Trail, would like to share some before and after photos.

About Trail Walker

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