Local Cub Scout Troop Seeks to Earn the World Conservation Award at Darlington

Cub ScoutA local Mahwah Cub Scout troop, seeking to earn the World Conservation Award, visited the Darlington Schoolhouse on Wednesday to learn the Trail Conference’s contributions to environmental conservation at our new headquarters. The Cub Scout World Conservation Award is designed to increase youth awareness about the effect natural resource conservation has on the environment. In order for the scouts to earn this badge, they are required to take part in a conservation project that spotlights nature crafts and water/soil conservation.

The scouts got a tour of the grounds and learned how the native fieldstone from the boiler Cub Scoutroom, as well as on-site trees–both recently cleared by volunteers–will be reused in another fashion during construction. Not only did they learn about the direct conservation work going on outside the building, but they also learned how construction workers are finding ways to save and reuse material inside the Schoolhouse, discarding only those materials that are absolutely unusable.

The scouts became part of our conservation effort as they helped to sort fieldstone into size order. A huge thanks goes out to this troop in helping the Trail Conference conserve resources!

Interested in being part of the conservation effort? We are calling on our volunteers, Trail Conference members, and Mahwah and Bergen County residents to help aid in our endeavors. Join us Saturday, May 3 from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. and help sort fieldstone so we can begin to reuse these materials.

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