Map & Compass Skills Can Back Up Your Batteries

More than 30 attendees learned map and compass skills at a workshop jointly sponsored by the Trail Conference and our member club, Mid-Hudson ADK. Hank Osborn, East Hudson Program Coordinator for the Trail Conference, taught the class Tuesday evening, March 25 at the Poughkeepsie Day School library.

Map and Compass skills are useful when bushwhacking, when one gets disoriented, and when the batteries die or signal is unavailable for your hand-held GPS device or phone. They also equip individuals for some off-trail volunteer opportunities, such as monitoring the land corridor of the Appalachian Trail. This work invites volunteers to hike off-trail, locating boundary markers along the length of this longest and skinniest National Park, and ensuring that the A.T. is being respected. The ability to use a map & compass is essential for this job.

Hank offers the Map & Compass workshop about once a month. The next one is scheduled for Saturday, April 12 in New Paltz.

A related workshop, where one can learn how to put map and compass skills to work as an Appalachian Trail corridor monitor is set for Saturday, April 5 in Dutchess County: Intro to Land Monitor Training.

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  1. Bill Wertheim says:

    would love to know the next few times this class is given, so I can arrange in advance.

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