Meet Our New Breakneck Ridge Trail Steward, Kali Bird

KaliBirdBe on the lookout upcoming Summer and Fall weekends for our new Breakneck Ridge Trail Stewards.

Starting this Saturday and Sunday, Kali Bird of Beacon will be staffing a table along Route 9D at the foot of the “most popular trail in North America,” or hiking along the trail, sharing info about how to hike safely while respecting this great natural resource in the Hudson Highlands. Kali is the first of two trail stewards who will be assisting hikers during the high-traffic weekends at this popular trail destination.

"Business" was brisk for our Breakneck Ridge trail steward Kali Bird during her first weekend on the job.

“Business” was brisk for our Breakneck Ridge trail steward Kali Bird during her first weekend on the job.

If you enjoy exploring the Hudson Highlands you may already have had Kali sightings. This Beacon resident says she enjoys running the area’s trails on “an almost daily basis.” She expects this new assignment “to be a fun extension of how I already spend my weekends.” Kali’s day job is education program specialist for the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies in Millbrook, NY. Before that she worked as natural resources assistant for Scenic Hudson.

Kali will be sharing photos and experiences via the Trail Conference Twitter account ( Follow it to keep up with weekend news from Breakneck.

The Trail Conference is pleased to be working with Hudson Highlands State Park on this project to connect with hikers right on the trail and improve the trail experience for everyone.  Stay tuned for news of our second Breakneck Ridge Trail Runner.

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2 Responses to Meet Our New Breakneck Ridge Trail Steward, Kali Bird

  1. Rex Miatke says:

    Met her today. Her love for this area was just amazing!!! New Jersey New York trail conference is lucky to have her.

  2. Michael Azerrad says:

    I would actually love to follow a Twitter account that covers only the Breakneck system of trails, from Cold Spring to Beacon. How about it?

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