New Shavertown Trail Opens in Catskills Town of Andes


Hikers enjoy the new Shavertown Trail near the Pepacton Reservoir. Photo by Ann Roberti

This September marked the official opening of another beautiful trail in the town of Andes.  The Shavertown Trail was built by the Catskill Mountain Club on land owned by the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), with the assistance of the Town of Andes and support from the Trail Conference.   

The Shavertown Trail offers families and novice hikers a unique opportunity in the Catskills – a spectacular view after only one moderately strenuous mile, followed by a fairly level mile and a half through beautiful rock ledges and wonderful forest to explore.

Be ready to break a sweat as you climb 520 feet in that first mile, but it is so worth it. Wander past a lovely pond, complete with pink and white water lilies in season, and enjoy the spectacular view of the Pepacton Reservoir.  Visitors can walk around the pond and head back or continue on.

The next mile and a half of trail winds around craggy boulders adorned with a variety of lichens. Much of the trail before and after the pond is on an old access road which passes through some overgrown pastures filled with wildflowers.   Parts of the steeper first section have stone steps to ease the climb.

The second mile and a half of trail gains  just 240 feet of elevation, making it a pleasant stroll for most hikers, young and old.   The trail is 5.3 miles round- trip.  The Shavertown Trail begins across the street from the parking area for the DEP Shavertown Boat Launch on the Pepacton Reservoir.

Click this link to learn more about our trail program in the Catskill Mountain region.

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  2. Mary Sive says:

    Shavertown was one of four villages flooded to create the reservoir in the 1950s. Over 2,000 people lost their homes, schools, and communities, and a similar number of graves were moved – events that have not been forgotten. A kiosk at the southern end of the bridge commemorates this history and is well worth a visit.

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