New Trail Building Opportunities Coming to the Catskills in Prattsville and Mount Tremper

Fresh off our success in building 9 miles of new backcountry trail on Romer, Cross, and Pleasant Mountains in the Catskills for the Long Path–another big thanks to our extraordinary volunteers for that–we are getting out to the frontcountry in the Catskills to help layout and build new trails in the Town of Prattsville and at the site of the soon to be built Catskill Interpretive Center in Mount Tremper.

New trails in Prattsville will lead to waterfalls.

New trails in Prattsville will lead to waterfalls. You can help us build them.

In Prattsville, we have been asked by the community to help them develop a series of trails as part of their revitalization following the devastating Hurricane Irene floods.  The Town envisions a series of interconnected trails and parks that bring visitors along the riverfront, through the village and up into the hills beyond.

As a first step in this plan, the Trail Conference will be working with Prattsville to develop a trail along Huntersfield Creek to showcase a series of waterfalls that exist just above main street.  The trail network in that area will be developed on watershed land owned by the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and will connect to a trailhead and parking area that will be created on Main Street.  Eventually the trail network will be expanded to connect to the existing trails of Pratt Rock and to the future riverfront trails.

We hope to begin laying out the first set of trails this month (June) and have at least one trail open in time for the annual Mudfest Celebration at the end of August.  Start looking for opportunities to join us shortly on our Trail Crew schedule!  We are really looking forward to helping Prattsville with this great family friendly recreational opportunity.

At the Catskill Park Interpretive Center site in Mount Tremper, we have committed to designing and building an interpretive trail that will link the Interpretive Center site to the site where a fire tower will be installed as part of the center’s campus.

Catskill Interpretive Center will be built on this site, along with a new trail to a new fire tower.

The Catskill Interpretive Center will be built on this site, as will a new trail to a new fire tower. Volunteers are invited to join us on the trail project.

The trail will cross a small stream on a bridge to be constructed by the Trail Conference and then will climb gently up the bluff to reach the fire tower site.  Construction of the Interpretive Center is expected to begin in August and we will be working on the trail design, bridge building, and trail construction throughout this summer and into this fall.

We will be hosting a series of Trail University workshops and Trail Crew worktrips all season on this site.  This will be a great opportunity to showcase our trail design and building skills at what will become the premiere welcoming location for visitors to the Catskill Park.

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