Darlington Schoolhouse: New Use for Discarded Material

During the transformation of the Darlington Schoolhouse into the Trail Conference’s future headquarters, only a small amount of the existing building will change. The Trail Conference is conscious of preserving as much of the existing material as possible while creating a new addition.

DSHPart of Darlington’s original structure consisted of an outhouse used during the time it was run as a one-room schoolhouse. Over time when outhouses became obsolete, it was transformed and enlarged into a garage. As seen in this photo, the shingle portion is from the original outhouse and the concrete portion marks where the garage was later added.

The rear of the original building is where the attached boiler room and semi-VHI buildersdetached garage once stood. The boiler room was constructed from fieldstone, native to the Mahwah area. This past week, when VHI Builders removed the boiler room and garage to prepare for construction of the addition, they took care to separate the fieldstone from other materials for later repurposing.

Redwood Tree ServiceIn addition, local business Red Wood Tree Service, of Ramsey, Wood stackremoved trees from the property’s perimeter, as removal of some trees is necessary for the creation of the nature preserve. Just like the fieldstone, the black locust, ash, and maple have all been set aside in order to be put to future use. These timber logs have been placed in front of the Schoolhouse until they are ready to be milled.

The foundation and footings for the new addition are scheduled to be in place before the end of March.



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Since 1920, the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference has partnered with parks to create, protect, and promote a network of more than 2,100 miles of public trails in the New York-New Jersey metropolitan region. The Trail Conference organizes volunteer service projects that keep these trails open, safe, and enjoyable for the public. We publish maps and books that guide public use of these trails. The Trail Conference is a volunteer-driven nonprofit organization with a membership of 10,000 individuals and 100 clubs with a combined membership of 100,000 active, outdoor-loving people.
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