Taconics Crew Gets a Little Help from New Friends

The ‘Roman Road’ finally gets its bucket brigade

By Jordan Foxler, AmeriCorps member of the Taconic Trail Crew

Last week we welcomed the much awaited 30+ volunteer group, World Missionary Society Church of God. Their arrival with big smiles and enthusiastic greetings ensured the day of trail work began and continued in a spirited manner. Our mission for the day: cover a crushed rock section of new trail (we’re improving the access trail linking Canopus Lake beach to the Appalachian Trail in Fahnestock State Park) with layers of mineral soil and gravel to create a safe and enduring tread for hikers. A bucket brigade would make it happen.

The 30-plus volunteers assembled on the trail in no time at all and we were all set to lay mineral and gravel on our ‘Roman Road’. The continuous singing and laughter throughout the day made the otherwise unbearably mundane task of passing buckets back and forth more than enjoyable.  The group’s infectious enthusiasm was noted by passing hikers who would feel, if not hear, the merry atmosphere around Canopus Lake that afternoon.

Before we knew it, 160 feet of trail had been covered–in three passes–and all went better than expected with three passes on the trail. Those of us on the crew enjoyed exercising leadership, organizing and executing the day’s project, of course with the tremendous help and push from our volunteers.

We have seen a dramatic change in this section of trail since starting in May. From when we first defined the trail, to side hilling, crushing rock, tamping soil, and finally putting down a layer of surfacing. It has been a gratifying experience for myself and the other members of Taconics Crew to witness hands-on the transformation of trail.

If you are curious and want to be part of an ongoing project that you can have a personal impact on, come join the “Talus Titans” (otherwise known as the Taconics Trail Crew) at Canopus Beach in Fahnestock State Park, Friday to Monday.

See you all out there!

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