Trail Runner Claims Long Path Record

Here’s a follow-up to an earlier post about member Ken Posner’s planned attempt to set a new fastest known time on the Long Path. He did it. (Though it took more than his hoped-for 7 days.) Ken raised $10,000 for a youth program in the process.

Ken started his thru-run on the 350-mile scenic hiking trail that stretches from New York City to Albany at 7:14 am, Sunday August 25, and reached the finish on Tuesday, September 3, at 10:20 am, for a total time of 9 days 3 hours and 6 minutes.  Ken wrote that of the 119 known end-to-end thru-hikers of the Long Path, the prior fastest known time was 12 days.

“Running the Long Path was an incredible adventure,” Ken commented.  “I was floored by the scenic vistas as the trail wound its way through many of New York’s most beautiful state parks and preserve.  I am deeply appreciative to the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference and volunteers for their meticulous work blazing, maintaining, and providing online notes for the trail.  I encourage ultra-runners and thru-hikers to take a shot at setting a faster record and other people to pick one of the many beautiful sections of the Long Path for a day hike.”

Learn more about the why and wherefore of Ken’s Long Path run on our earlier post at

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