Catskill Conservation Corps Rehabilitates Devil’s Acre Lean-to on Hunter Mountain

By Doug Senterman, Catskills Program Coordinator 

CatskillConservationCorpsLogoFive volunteers from around the Catskills and beyond joined Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) and Catskill Conservation Corps (CCC) staff members in a rugged hike up the Devil’s Path to the Devil’s Acre Lean-to on June 13-14. Many hands made light work of the rehabilitation work, and some of those hands were on the smaller side! Our crew ranged in age from 11 to “old enough to not ask about age.” We were delighted to discover that one of our volunteers also handles vocals for a local band. Staining and singing are a great combination, and the woods rang out with a joyful noise. Wildlife sightings and lots of interactions with passing hikers made the day go by quickly.

The group focused on cleaning and then re-staining the Devil’s Acre Lean-to. This lean-to is located on the southwest side of Hunter Mountain and is a popular hiking and camping destination on the mountain. The cleaning and re-staining of the lean-to will help keep the structure in good condition for years to come. Future work trips to the lean-to will focus on replacing the aging roof and relocating the privy.

The Catskill Conservation Corps will be leading a number of lean-to, trail, and litter pickup events on state lands throughout the Catskill Mountains region in the future. Keep up with news, events, workshops, and volunteer opportunities in the Catskill region at and

The Catskill Conservation Corps is a partnership between the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference, whose volunteers maintain a network of more than 2,100 miles of trails, including more than 200 miles in the Catskills. The Catskill Conservation Corps aims to increase and support volunteer contributions on projects that protect natural resources and enhance outdoor recreation opportunities in the Catskill Mountains. All Catskill Conservation Corps events are open to the public.


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